Large Format

Our large format design presents a larger than life message.

Large format design boldly displays an advertising message and presents it to a large audience. A message may need to be presented at a large size to create understanding and educate or inform about a specific subject.

We at Green Dot design large format displays such as billboards, posters, backlit diplays, and trade shows. An entertainment complex requires constant communication with their target audience to inform about special events, sales, and more. A billboard used to promote an entertainment complex excites the target audience to experience, for example, the untangible feeling of a good time at an associated bar and grill. Trade show design is critical as they are applied to booths which will serve as a sales and marketing area. Our expertise in large format design creates lasting impressions for our clients and earns them respect, recognition and success.

Let us have a conversation about your company's large format design needs and see how our design talent can make your company larger than life.

Our large format design brings huge success.

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